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Monday, November 19, 2007

Hope For Useful Communication

Got a comment about my hoping that communication could result in someone actually using my experience on this blog to hopefully not have to slog through the whole banana and reinvent the wheel all over again. But I'm not sure this is possible. This is very discouraging if you're a parent - watching your kids having to go through their own learning about life.

Hoping for certain results and the practical doing of it that actually brings about the hoped for results are often regretfully far apart, unfortunately.

I was very lucky to have had some extremely wise parents who took these sorts of things to heart and practice for me...which came in handy while messing up some kids' life later on when I found myself in the parental role.

On this subject, I was poking around the internet and found this link to an ebook that had some really fascinating things to say about raising adults vrs. raising children. It's chapters of a free ebook titled: "Ten Things You Should Never Say To Kids

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