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Wednesday, October 17, 2007


One of the characteristics of listening to you own "Angelhood" is senselessness. It seems that when people are embodying what it means to be an Angel for someone else, they do things that don't make sense at the time. But somehow people who act like angels find ways to sustain the motivations that come to them intuitively that may only make sense in hindsight. "Angels" must do these things with a faithfulness that their actions will make sense - and maybe their action will never make sense at all. The ability to do "Angelic" things for others is something that happens sort of "accidentally on purpose." I'm sure that you can think of this happening in your own life at some time. Here's a story about how this happened for me...

Many decades ago, I was out walking in my brand new storm gear to see the waves crash on the bulkhead after 10pm. While watching the violent sea waves, I decided to stop in at my friend Susan's house, which was 30 min out the way of my long walk home. I knew she would be awake because she was a "night owl." When I arrived, all the lights were on, but nobody was working on the bottom level as usual, so I let myself in to Susan's & Colin's house and walked up to the second kitchen level, calling out. Hearing Susan's voice from the bedroom on the third level loft, I climbed the third set of stairs and discovered her having severe menstrual cramps; pains so bad she could not move. Her partner Colin had flown out of town on a trip that morning; it was now almost midnight and she had not been able to come down from the loft for the last two hours to call anyone on the land line for help. She did not think her problems serious enough to ride the hour to the hospital along a storming, bumpy winding road.

I had learned that if a helper very gently lets the weight of their hands fall on the tailbone of the person lying on their stomach having cramps, that the gentle shaking motion of the weight landing on the pelvic region can shake free the cramping. As the thumping is very gently repeated and perhaps gradually increased in force, pain from cramping will subside by itself. So we tried this strategy. It did work to entirely relieve Susan's significant menstrual pain. Susan later reported that evidently the episode was related to a miscarriage rather than a difficult menstrual period.

How had I gotten the idea to show up in the middle of the night, walking half an hour out of my way (total of an hour walking both ways!) without changing my desire to want to visit Susan at midnight for no particular reason, and without calling ahead? I followed a desire that did not make much sense on the front end, but made a great deal of sense once I arrived.

I'm sure you have a story about this in your own life, either being the Angel...or naming someone as your Angel.

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