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Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Best Laid Plans..

Well, so much for my plans gone awry. It took waiting for Airtech until July 3rd to get me home again.

One of the things that I wanted to do was to take Tammy with me to Hawaii. She'd never been on a vacation before, so I thought it would be a wonderful treat for her to come with me for the first week I was back. Chris and I showed her a fun time for the nine days she could stay and drove her around the entire island.

At her last night at Anaehoomalu Bay next to the Mariott Hotel, Tammy got to see the Hula show that Chris has been working at for Tehati.

We had a great time, didn't we Taminator? On your last night here you didn't want to go.

Of course we went to my favorite beach Mau'u Mae; she was at the Four Season's Beach when she managed to call a sea turtle to swim up to her feet in two feet of water.

On our way over, Tammy won the halfway point contest on the plane. When we went into the Hilo Hattie store to collect her prize, she went to the counter with a dictionary on learning the cashier there gave her a couple of coffeecups; which was how Tammy learned about Hawaiian Aloha. I almost drowned her in the water at Ho'okena beach where Tammy jumped waves for the first time even thought she really couldn't swim! Here is Tammy standing in Kaumana Cave;

Here she is at the Umauma Falls Botanical Garden next to the torch flowers and by the falls...

Hope you can come back sometime on your own steam! Hawaii seemed to agree with Tammy.