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Sunday, May 26, 2002

Ready, Steady, Cross the Pond!

Well, looks as if I really do get to go across the
“pond” to Europe after all.
There was a little scare when I called around looking
for an old address that I had for “Airhitch,” the
stand-by not-for-profit outfit that buys up the extra
seats on planes to get people like me to Europe for
cheap. Airhitch informed me that they only deal online
now, rather than having a fixed address. Whew! I didn't
have enough money to go if it wasn't for Airhitch prices.

I’m heading into NYC this Wednesday to stay with a
new friend of mine who lives in Manhattan. With some
luck, I may be on a flight as soon as Friday, but
I’m going on a really cheap standby routine, so I
have a “window“ of possible flights. Once I get on
a plane, first I’m heading to London to stay and
visit with friends and Alexander Technique collegues;
then I’m hopping on a “ferry”, (which is pretty much
a big cruise ship,) that goes from Harwich, UK to
“Esbjerg,“ on the west coast of Denmark. There I’m
going to start using a really cool hospitality
network known as “SERVAS” to get to know the
Danish I have promised my Dad, who
was Danish.

We’ll see how long my money lasts...and if I can
make any more while I travel. I’m hoping to make
it across Denmark by local bus and hitchhiking.
My grandfather in Denmark was a “clerk” in Odense,
and my great grandfather was N.F.S Grudtvig, who
got a church built for him, but I guess I’ll find
out what all that means when I get there and
check it out.

Today I went sailing on one of the “finger”
lakes near Ithaca, NY as well as playing pool
nearby and even eating at the famous Moosewood
restaurant in Ithaca. I’ve been staying this last
two weeks with my long-time friend Diana Brown.
Besides her three daughters, she’s got two
dachshunds, eight kittens and three grown
cats...and 11 chickens. One of the dogs has
“adopted” one of the kittens as their own baby, so
cute that I had to snap a picture. Diana's house
is quite a zoo, but very fun to stay here because
she has a lifestyle very much like mine in the
way she earns her living. She’s been able to get
me some work striping boats and cutting out
patterns for signs. So far I have made a couple
hundred dollars, which has been wonderful help
to pay for my travels.

I’ve also stayed in Phoenicia, NY where Janet
& Tommy have moved to when I first arrived. J & T
have just moved into a beautiful, big house they
bought on a side street next to town - a 3 story,
5 bedroom with a heated garage, great yard in
perfect shape for only $120,000!

Phoenicia is very much like Bolinas, only much
cheaper to live in with more services and cheaper
restaurants ...even though there are only 800
people in town. The nearby urban area is only a
half hour away, and down the road is the world’s
largest kaleidoscope with the coolest store
selling them where you can play with everything
they sell. There’s a "tubin'" biz, & a church
thrift store that rivals the freebox in its great
deals and finds...only a dollar or two for a shirt,
pants, etc. I found the coolest socks - silk and
wool, yum! (They lasted - still have 'em years

Anyhow, I’ll give more of a report on my adventures
once I get to Europe. Of course I’ll keep a journal
for you...