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Monday, June 18, 2007

I'm Back! After A While Being Away

A couple of weeks ago, I just finished my projects that I flew back to the mainland to finish. My yearly project is now at the printer's being made and will be done in a couple of weeks, hopefully. My sweet friend Tammy Lehman is going to be the volunteer distributor while I'm gone. I've got myself a "new," used computer with a humoungous hard drive, etc. Generally, it has been a very hard-working and successful two months away from Hawaii. But I'm chomping at my bit to fly home anytime soon now!

At least I have some time to update this blog again. I wonder if anyone missed me while I was away?

Since it seemed to be the time of the year that everyone else was wanting to fly and prices were high, I bought a discount ticket with Well the price was right for this time of year, (only $209!) But I've been waiting to fly for my second "four-day flight window"week in which the Hawaii part of Airtech, (a very nice, communicative guy named Steve,) is supposed to be able to find you a flight. Steve keeps trying to get me to pay more money for a 28-day-in- advance deal the airlines just offered him for a sure flight. He says I could also take a flight to a neighbor island. But it's now about eighty bucks more to get to the Big Island, so I'd rather wait for the 24 hr. e-tickets to happen. Guess it's the time of year when school is out and everyone wants to come to the Big Island! Here I am waiting while sitting on a bear instead...

I offered to fly Tammy with me for a week's visit to Hawaii, so that's two people I'd have to pay for, and I just don't have the extra hundred and fifty bucks along with feeding Tammy and paying for gas to drive her places before I situate myself again.

Fortunately, the delay has given me time to do some useful things that I would have blown off, such as weed around my my RV to prevent berry bushes from climbing into the engine.

Once I get back to Waimea and recover for a week while I'm showing Tammy the Big Island, I'm going to be looking for a new job. There are so many interesting jobs available on the Big Island - jobs that you do not see in the newspaper anywhere else. I'd like to get a job that will help to start up the work I really want to be doing more. That is, I'd like to be teaching the Alexander Technique more often.

I'm planning to start a free intro class at Tutu's House, because I realize that many who need to learn do not have very much disposible income as in other locations. I also thought to approach various golf courses and give tourists introductions to some of the ideas of AT.

Someone on the Alexander Technique Teacher's List on GoogleGroups suggested that I do walking tours. I think that's a great idea! So, we'll see how I do with it.

Another bright idea I had involved walking around my neighborhood, knocking on doors with the idea of making a neighborhood phone book. Then after I found out everyone's phone number, I thought I'd arrange a subdivision block party. After we met each other and found out what everyone did for a living, etc. then I thought I'd ask people if they would be open to having some younger kids sort of interview them about what it is like to work the job they do for a living - sort of like a career counseling day.

It would be so interesting for me to exercise my enthusiasm for learning new things to do for a living by turning other young people on to how interesting I thought it was. My own dad did that for me and I do not see anyone else doing such a thing anywhere for young people. It would be pretty fun to be tromping around the neighborhood checking out what people do to make money who might want to share some of their trade secrets to young people.

Anyway - just some ideas for today. We'll see if they turn into anything...