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Sunday, April 21, 2002


Lately I've discovered a hospitality network that advocates peace through "home visits." So in a way, it's like dialogue in that you are invited to get to know people through what could become very personal contact under a codified umbrella of manners. Even when you don't really "know" the people or their friends, still you are welcomed as a member of US (It's for a
limited time, two nights, then you agree to leave unless you are explicitly invited to stay longer.) Essentially, you sign up on a list so that people from other countries, or other hosts from your own country come to visit you. It's free to be a "host," unless you want to make the "suggested donation" to keep the scene oiled. I've registered as a "traveler," which costs, you don't have to be a host at the same time.
I've already received books for the countries I may visit: UK,(800) Nederlands(400) & Denmark(260). These numbers are the possible hosts I can contact!

I'm gonna have fun!