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Friday, July 07, 2006

Take Five

Today Chris and I jumped up and decided to go for a swim at Ho'okena Beach, which is only eight miles away from where we've been staying while he's doing some sheetrocking work in exchange for where we're staying. This beach has a really short break, but the snorkling is superb.

It's still surprising that going into the waves there is a cold shock, despite the heat! The sand is a lava and coral mixture, so it's very hot on bare feet. The water is warm enough to stay in indefinitely, as long as you keep moving.

Chris gets cold and finds that wearing a thin wetsuit helps his knee pain because it allows him to stay in longer, but I just swim around to stay warm enough.

I feel like I'm a fish in water here. I make sounds and the wild dolphins come closer to me to check me out. They're really amusing, the sounds they make. They probably think the same about me. At first when I would go swimming, I would come home and sleep for three hours each time. I must have been into really bad physical condition with my allergies and everything. My ankles were all swollen up, and as soon as I got into the ocean somehow the swelling disappeared. I think the swelling was from my lack of exercise, which is really scary to have gotten that way.

Even though I can't see much without having a prescription mask, I can still see alot by just looking down while I'm swimming because the water is so clear. We just did a little barbeque and I met a wonderful woman in the ocean who writes kid's books.

We meet lots of people in life, or at least I do. Most of them don't turn into friends for whatever reason. I'm not sure why that is. I have plenty of time to make friends, so it's not time constaints on my end.

I think part of it is that people have different bonding languages. Meaning, people differ in what must happen for bonding to be attempted. Such as sharing or being able to do for each other are essential ingredients for some friendships for some, and for others they're not. Some people don't act on their feelings or intuitions, and some people fill up their lives with things to do so much that there is no time to get to know someone new. Some people can't experience friendship unless they went to school together, and for some people you must work together, or have kids together, etc. Some people will never feel bonded to you unless you see them at their worst and forgive them, and others are deleriously competitive.

I went to a party when I got here and saw the most amazing video of this guy swimming with the dolphins. Underwater he made hula-hoop sized bubbles that he could swim through. With a snorkel he seemed to be able to swim what looked like fifty feet down and he could lay on the bottom, it was amazing. The dolphins thought he was cool because he didn't stay up on the surface of the water as most people would. It's amazing how the dolphins swim in formation to show sympathy, attention.

At the party he later played the guitar and sang in the goofiest little kid voice that probably belongs in a cartoon. I forgot his name, but I'm sure I'll run into him again. At that party there was someone with a cool light toy also that I'd like to talk with again. All that happened because I ran into an old friend at Ho'okena!

It also must be a sense of rapport for friendship to happen, and also a sense of something to do together, some gesture or reason to be together. I made friends with a woman named Ramona who loaned me her flippers because we have the same sized feet. She's Hawaiian and just always seems to be swimming around at the same time I would go swimming, so we would meet in the water and talk while kicking and floating around. I really enjoyed her. But we couldn't think of anything else to do together except hang out on the beach together, but I guess that's enough. We thought about taking the car and driving to a hula class together, but the timing wasn't right for either of us to have a car.

I'm sure that I'll see these people again.

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