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Sunday, June 25, 2006

Connecting and Dynamic People

I was talking to an old boyfriend of mine who was telling me about a book he has about couple's compatibility. This author made a gross classification of the way people generally make priorities in their lives. Here is a pic illustrating what this author terms "dynamic" and another person he would term "connecting."
Dynamic people put actions first. They like to accomplish tasks. They like status, appearances, accomplishments.
Connecting people always put other people first. Their first priority is how people feel and they love to talk about it.
With this description, I'd say the culture in Hawaii is a connecting culture. Everything happens here because of who you know and how they feel about you. Whereas, on the Mainland US, the culture there is a dynamic culture. Connecting people will look dynamic in their areas of expertise.


  1. Sounds kind of interesting. From the sounds of it, I would fall in the connecting catergory.

  2. Yeah, obviously, so would I! I love to connect, talk and "hang out." Learned this about myself when I took a job with the public and still wanted to talk at the end of the day. Dynamic people have an additional agenda they are accomplishing if they are "hanging out," some of them even have connecting-type jobs, but they do these jobs in a more "professional" way. Connecting people may appear dynamic in their area of expertise. hmmm somewhere on the web might be more info on these ideas - I'll have to search...