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Saturday, December 15, 2007

Holiday Fervor

Now we're in the last week before Christmas when lots of people are getting ready for their vacation time. Of course what I've been doing with my art here for the Holidays is tailored to appeal to those who are buying gifts for others so the shopkeepers can make a chunk of change to last through the often lean winter months ahead.

Ironically, the appeal for happiness brings home for many how unhappy they really feel. So strangely enough, the actual effect of the winter holidays is to make single people feel bad. It also seems to make people who have family feel pressured to fulfill obligations that put them into a pressure cooker of emotion.

So, take it easy. Make a holiday that is meaningful and sentimental for you personally, and think carefully about giving a gift that will have significance and a positive, long term change for the better rather than a short term effect.

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