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Monday, September 24, 2007

Friends of Mine...

I have some very interesting friends. This is Rick Ryan, who I've known since high school. Rick is an enthusiastic environmental educator. He loves to learn about how ecosystems are interdependent, and how they can be helped along when they get out of balance from the interference of humans.

The most amazing thing that Rick has put together turns out to have come right out of his own back yard where he used to live for the last forty years that has just been sold. That picture in the previous post of a flood is Adobe Creek that can only be seen from the backyard he terraced of the house he used to to have on the edge of Adobe Canyon. It is the urban runoff that feeds Mission Valley, running through the middle of San Diego, that only reaches flood stage once every five years or so, depending on rainfall. I'll have to call him up to ask him if I can talk about this idea on my blog that could be used anywhere in the greater southern Calif. area , because he may want to present it himself - it's completely unbelievable!
Rick is now traveling around looking for another ecosystem to get to know. If you'd like to extend an invite to him, let me know and I'll send him your way, heartily recommended as one of the most amazing and interesting people I've ever met.

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