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Thursday, July 26, 2018

Good Samaritan

Was heading uphill the back way past the Cheese Factory to Petaluma in my old truck. I had just passed the turnoff to Nicasio. Some hay truck was coming downhill, took the curve too fast & had dumped hay bales everywhere.
I pulled off the road. Then I remembered what it was like coming the other way, where the curve was blind. So I laid on my horn, long and hard.
Just then came a truck pulling a horse trailer downhill around that curve. The trailer skipped onto two wheels, almost flipping, but managed to stay upright.
The driver threaded his way past the bales, just dodging them. I felt sorry for the horse... But the driver slowed, crawled past me...I was still on my horn until I saw the haytruck driver walk around the curve with a flare.
The dangerous moment was past.
The truck with the horse trailer pulled alongside me. The driver thanked me for the horn. Said he had just enough time to slow down & avoid what could have been a bad accident. Told me I was a smart driver. I told him I knew that curve was blind, and I was glad I didn't have to see him & the horse in a crash.
He went on his way, and I had to wait for the hay bales to get rolled off the road.
Have you ever sized up the situation and done something that saved a stranger?

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