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Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Drawing Kitties

Black cats are often passed by in shelters in favor of other kitties who are more brightly colored ...because they're black, I guess. 

Besides being tricky to take a photo of a black cat, they're also tricky to make a drawing of too. 

The nicest kitty I know is black. Her name is Jasmine.  She's the second black cat I have met with that name. What makes Jasmine such a nice kitty is that she never gets mad at her person when she goes away. Instead, Jasmine gets mad at the person who "took" her person away for ten whole days. (The only person she ever bit!) 

This kitty has never scratched or bit anyone. I'd tell you her name, but I don't know how it's spelled. Minjka? I hear that this kitty I have drawn a picture of here is a one-person kitty. This person gets to have this kitty sleep on their bed and happily snuggle up to them and purr. But this kitty really doesn't want anyone to know she exists, because - well, you know how faithful a dog can be. This cat is faithful like a dog.

Wish I could purr. 

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