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Friday, January 22, 2010

Worried Today, Time to Make Art

Thinking of what to do to improve the level of my own happiness today. I'm worried today because money to pay rent hasn't appeared on the horizon. Realized that making art has worked for me before when I've felt like a deer in the headlights, so decided to draw a picture of a kitty who was nice enough to tame herself so I could be her friend.

Shared her with Janet after I began a mobile lifestyle, so I even have corroboration about how unusual this kitty truly was. This pussycat became my icon for the proof that a specific character could surpass the character traits of her species. In her case, she was thoughtful and compassionate about others, when felines are known for being completely and shamelessly self-involved. I wrote about her story previously here.

Her name was "Squeeker," affectionately known as, "Ms. Vanilla."
Most Magnanimous Kitty - Ever

All my cats have had "theme songs," usually parodies.

Squeeker's theme song is sung to the tune of
"Look At That Stupid Girl" by the Rolling Stones.

~I'm not talkin' about the cutest squeak she has.... 
~ Look at that fluffy kitty
~ I'm not talkin' about the ever-wafting baths... 
~ Look at that fluffy kitty

~ The way she packs a punch
~ Poor mice fast become her lunch
~ To me the sweetest cat in the world
~ Greet that fluffy kitty!

~ I'm not talking about the kind of dust she wears
~ Check out that fluffy kitty...
~ I'm not talkin' about the twisted fang she bears
~ Look out for that fluffy kitty...

~ The way she bathes her friends
~ Her peace-makin' never ends
~ Her lack of vanity plus times ten
~ Gotta pet that fluffy kitty!

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