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Sunday, September 28, 2008

Creative Thinking While Angry (or Self Involved)

Anger is an intense emotion. Anger is an emotion that most people would not really prefer to keep hold of for very long because it results in fight or flight reactions and if kept indefintely, health problems. Comparatively, self-stroking of ego is much more self-deceptive because it is pleasurable.

So - is it possible to actually think, problem solve and come up with something new if you're in the throes of anger or self-involvement?

Perhaps it's the self-deception that is the culprit in itself, not which emotion, pastime or action a person is blighely engaging in?

To relate it to the above, it's coercion itself that seems objectionable to me in this case. Not the subject about which the fascistic application is taking place. If these two are not congruent and the person has forgotten to "Keep their Eyes On the Prize", then you have something such as; "OK everyone, you all there just be having fun now or I will kick your ass!" Or the common parental problem of a distinct lack of imagination, "Stop crying or I'll give you something to cry about!"

However, my point: With quite a bit of practice, I learned to learn to creatively problem solve while also being angry. It happened because I was challenged to do so repeatedly without the usual characteristic of defensive self-preservation being a feature. If I did it, I know it's possible for others to do.

From this personal experience, I know that it's possible to marry precluding "opposing" characteristics so that having and either/or is not necessary. You can have both, and sometimes you can have it all - up to a point...IF - (and this is the big conditional deal-breaker If,) if you train the skills that are needed to make it happen.

Now I know this is unusual, because in most people, the intensity and the nature of the emotion will shut down the ability to creatively problem solve. People who are angry in this way are similarly blinded to people
who are "masturbating their ego". People can be distracted by being absorbed in any habitual state - emotional, physical, mental. People get distracted by the status quo. They space out and miss stuff they're not anticipating that could be useful, because it's not what they expect.

So - perhaps the ability to STOP, PREVENT, SUSPEND is the crucial one activity that is CRUCIAL to model. Whatever the habit that is in place, in the way of flexbility is the ability to respond to circumstance appropriately.

Granted that "I" "I" "I" "I" "I" "I" is a really strong habit in some people, but there are many strong habits just as important - if not MORE important to suspend as that one. A style of assault coersion is MUCH more dangerous habit than the "I" "I" "I" "I" "I" one.

But I guess the relative importance of it depends on if you have someone around you who is doing one of these that you can't get rid of - it's a little poisonous to have to deal with a person who constantly wants attention who is not a child.

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