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Sunday, September 30, 2007

New Changes

Was feeling really geeky today because I spent lots of time tweaking my website at

My ISP got maliciously destroyed, so I was really thankful that I had backups for most of the different parts of my websites. But I did lose all my webmail for my address, as well as my address books.

So, if you have written to me there, please write me again so I may have your email address that I do not have any more. One good thing is sending out bounce-backs got rid of some spam that I had been getting.

One thing my geekiness has gotten me: I found a really cool widget today that scrolls original artwork. Check it out; it's a little lower in the sidebar... I guess now that I have a specialized Alexander Technique blog, I'll be getting more personal and casual about what I post here. Here are some wisteria flowers that I drew on someone's window that I thought you might enjoy. More of my artwork is at

My new blog specializing in Alexander Technique is at
Come by and check it out and make a comment!

I'm also thinking of starting a blog about window painting, since so many people talk to me about it from my website. It would be an easy way to show off my more recent work also. Would anyone here enjoy that?

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