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Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Erasing Identity

I knew someone who had been very close to me who really believed that their identity was an illusion. So to express this idea they got rid of their driver's license, ID cards, etc. That action got them into lots of legal trouble the next time they got caught driving, which wasn't until years later because nothing else had been transgressed. Continuing to ignore the "rights" the legal system and countries had over them continued to cause them more problems.

Turns out the guy was born in the UK and his parents had brought him here when 3 years old and thought it kind to leave US naturalization to him. Turns out this wasn't such a good idea for someone who had trouble dealing with bureaucracies. So when this guys got rid of his "identity" and then got into legal trouble, of course eventually he was threatened with being sent back to the UK, where he had never lived. This guy's remedy was to kill himself so nobody could have further control over where he was.

The ironic thing about this was a friend of mine just told me the other day that it was this guy who convinced him not to kill himself. Very strange.

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