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Tuesday, February 20, 2007

My Decision Making Style

Thought that I'd talk about how I entertain different conclusions about what I might do while in a decision making process for my own life. I know everyone does it differently, so I thought I would tell you how I make decisions. What is your style of decision-making, if you could describe some of it?

I might reorder different facts, prioritizing them alternately, and then given the selected ones, make the obvious decision that follows. Then I would go back and select other factual priorities and see the obvious decisions that come from those alternate particular sequences. By doing this, I'm able to trace back how long preparations will have to be made so I can be in the position to be able to make this decision at the time it may be possible to choose. Because opportunities come from both the ability to see them coming before they are ripe, and the ability to be ready to recognize what they mean and grab them when they fly by on the merry-go-round.

So often I get a sort of flow-chart such as, if this happens, this will be the result, and if this other possibility is happening, then I will be able to put into action this other decision will this other result...etc. In this way, I can see what possibilities mean after they unfold, even though they are now in a very small 'seed' form.

What all this often tells me is how long I can put off making the decision, in order to determine what events can tell me more fact before I act. Putting off making the decision also tells me when is the last cusp of action in which a default will occur if I refuse to alter events by redirecting them by choosing to act. I've also learned that, without experience, sometimes I cannot forsee the situation adequately until I take the step that puts me up into the perspective of being able to understand what the next best step can be toward my purposes. So this is why I would want to put off making the decision as long as possible, but not so long that I'd lose possible options.

Here - I'll give an example of how I used some of these ideas of mine about how to make wishes come true. One time I needed a place to rent, and I don't enjoy moving regularly. I was living in a location where people often rented their houses before they sold them. Also, landlords often wanted top dollar for their rentals which I could not afford. However, I could afford to wait for the right place.

So I thought of my situation as being an advantage to a very unusual person that I needed to put some effort into imagining. I listed my needs as characteristics, and then imagined who might want what I had to offer, rather than only noticing what I would be getting from my own benefit.

So I realized that, though I couldn't afford much money, I could stay indefinitely in their house. I could fix or take care of maintaining the house while paying my measly rent on time if they paid for the more expensive materials. I decided that this next landlord of mine was someone who had trouble communicating with people and would want me to talk for them to arrange upkeep on their house. Perhaps this person lived on a fixed income that would be decreased if I gave them more money than the cost of taxes, etc. and also they wanted to keep the house indefinitely for some reason.

Then I waited for this landlord to appear, now that I knew how to recognize them. When I saw that situation, even taking a temporary place to wait for the place to possibly become available was not too much trouble. I could forsee that the carpenter who was living in that house I had my eye on was commuting too far to his other jobs, and it was only a matter of time until he moved out. After waiting four months, I rented this house at an incredible bargain rate for 13 years. The landlord only raised the rent once, thirty dollars when the taxes increased.

So, this is an example of how some creative thinking on my part after assumming the point of view of someone completely different from myself paid off immensely. Not only do you need to wish for what you want, but it helps to recognize the wish so you can have it.

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