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Friday, August 18, 2006

Unafraid of Crazy People

Many people are afraid of going crazy in some way. They seem to have the urge to reinforce themselves against this fear. Most people merely remember their personality. I'm not sure that doing this is the best remedy for this fear!

I'm very curious about those who have had many 'unusual experiences' of altered consciousness or awareness, (as I had when only thirteen) who managed to find a way to recocile them with their sense of purpose and meaning through the course of their life. Now I would say that probably many of us have had unusual experiences as kids, but different people react very differently to what happened to them.

I believe that to choose your reaction is the only choice people really have, and that people most often forget to choose on purpose. So this all may have to do more with how any person may be conditioned to respond or react than how they would choose if they could. That is, given that everyone perhaps has this capacity - both to experience and to choose beyond their conditioning. I'm beginning to realize that these two together are uncommon.

I'd prefer to remember back to my original experiences...rather than remembering merely what I said about them! I'm doing that now, thinking of myself making the choice to to find other people who had that amazing, unique experience that might be similiar to mine. I have held the belief that evidently rare people must exist who had also had similar experiences as me for so long, that I don't remember the moment it happened. It was so far back now, I can't remember enough to be inside the original moment when I knew that my experience wasn't an insane abberation but a rare, positive human capacity for delight, gratitude, openness & awareness.

Christmas Window Swirl - by Franis Engel After telling this story of my experience to someone, they asked me, "How did you make the leap to imagine that you weren't crazy?" It's a good question.

I think that people have amazing experiences every day - and they just ignore their uniqueness, or they are busy reinforcing their habits. I see amazing people everywhere...

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