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Sunday, August 27, 2006

Talk to a Dead Artist

It was at planning an "ahrt scene" one day where a bunch of us came up with the idea to make a little cardboard enclosure as part of the event. On the outside we made a sign: "Talk to a Dead Artist." You could talk to the dead artist who was available at the time. People studied up on artists before the event and then they impersonated them from inside the cardboard box. Once it got going, other people who knew something (or nothing) about an artist would jump into the enclosure as they got inspired.

People who wanted to be inside and impersonate a certain dead artist only had to make up and put a little sign out that said, for instance, "Cezanne is In," or, "John Lennon is In." (We decided that musician would be considered artists too.)
It was amazing what happened, actually. When someone really had someone else to listen to them, people were asking deep questions of life, the universe and everything so the impersonator had to be quite original and thoughtful!

If that were available for you to play with - which artist would you be and which artist would you like to talk with!?

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