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Saturday, July 29, 2006

Past Conditioning Toward Creativity

Can we only regurgitate our previous conditioning? Some people even proud of their conditioning, as people are proud to be a product of their family heritage.

I guess if you believe that you have no creativity, (or that most people have none too,) you can say your belief that people cannot get past their conditioning is generally true. I have noticed that deciding you're not creative is a self-limiting idea to that takes extra effort to hold. At one point in my life I began to wonder why I was basing my generalties about people to only include those points of human nature which are negative? Repeating and remembering and establishing habits does seem to support being conditioned.

Fighting Where does creativity and insight come from that is not a product of what has come before?

I find creativity in people constantly - people want to play with me if they are invited. But perhaps you could say that's because my creativity wasn't squished by my childhood conditioning. At times I have squished and abandoned my creativity myself though, and I recovered.

What does holding on to such a belief that people can only be a product of their conditioning do for you? I guess the question would be, "What in it for you?"

Why do people sometimes abandon their creativity?

I'm not asking these questions rhetorically, but I'm asking you. You don't need to write an answer here. It doesn't matter what you consider creativity to be - but that would be nice to know. Just something for you to think about and get back to me later perhaps?

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