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Monday, June 19, 2006

Escaping from Hayfever

I'm actually heading to see the love of my life. Glad to be escaping Bolinas at a time when everything had to wait to bloom at once so late. Already wishing that I could stay longer.

My sweetie has a really nice place for me to stay on the Big Island of Hawaii so I can recover from the stress of hayfever for a little while. I wish that my landlords could figure out what I'm supposed to do to have a roommate so I could stay longer, because spring was so late this year.

The place I get to stay on the Big Island has a nice view of Kealakekua Bay; I just arrived; but already my favorite place to swim is Ho'okena Beach. The City of Refuge is a really nice place to burn some meat and dawdle in tide pools. Actually, the photo of the kitty on this page was a wild kitty who lives there and begs from the barbequers.

The day I first arrived I ran into an old friend on Ho'okena Beach who invited me to a really interesting music party just this weekend. At this party I got to see some incredible footage that showed this man who could blow bubbles the size of hula-hoops snorkling down to about thirty-five feet with spinner dolphins - almost 50 of them! Dolphins commonly come close to shore within the distance that I can swim; so I'm really looking forward to getting up my health to where I can swim with them myself.

I'm working on that by swimming every day enough to completely exhaust myself. It's a wonderful thing to do for one's body. It's amazing how bad one's health can get without exercise and without noticing it's happening.

You'll read some of my other animal stories next...and then maybe I'll get strong enough to having some new experiences with dolphins!

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