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Thursday, May 25, 2006

Catharsis, Refusal & Denial

I was thinking today about assumptions I've had about psychology.

I was really convinced in the value of uncovering what is hidden in yourself so it would not control your actions from the inside of you. Speaking or expressing internal struggles brought what was concerning to to the light of reason or at least
expression them brought them to awareness so you could recognize them when they came along. I came to actually welcome cartharsis, to relish it; I would even gleefully exaggerate the problem. I thought diving into what seemed to be the problem helped me unravel it and recognize it so that later I could avoid it's stranglehold.

However, I have learned that sometimes, catharsis takes you where you don't really need to go and is useless in "dealing with" problems. Sometimes the best solution is to refuse to go there. This refusal has nothing to do with denial, and everything to do with making a choice. Deciding to not participate, you can just leave what you do not want to do all behind you in the dust as you move forward into what you do want.

This must have been how people used to deal with psychological issues before psychology came along with the other model. I've learned that diving into what bothers you and exaggerate it, bring it up to the light where it can't have power
over you by being hidden doesn't work in certain situations. Such as ones where you were truly an innocent victim, or other horrible situations that are best forgotten.

There must be more than just these two ways of dealing with our "stuff." I'm open to hearing about them.

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