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Friday, April 14, 2006

Start a Fad

I've often wondered what is the secret ingredient that stirs people into action. How can some people inspire others to act on innane ideas, when some really well-thought out ideas often fail to find an audience, no matter the persistence of the idea's advocates?

Some of it has got to be personal presentation, which is obvious, such as being able and having the time to write one's idea in a simple way that can be easily understood. So that's part of why I've worked on my writing and speaking skills. Despite my efforts, I still seem to be lacking the secret ingredient or driving motivation to "sell" people who could benefit from what I have to offer by teaching Alexander Technique, for example. I have this idea that if people had a tool such as Alexander Technique, which has been so useful for me, they would benefit for a host
of reasons - most of which sound pretty damn fantastic unless you know something about AT firsthand.

I read an interesting book on fads and how they're created, called "the Tipping Point." It had an interesting point that some key people are "mavens" - people who become recognized by large groups of friends and aquaintances for the validity of their opinions in a certain areas related to their personal experience, their being self appointed authorities from painstaking research or other personal curiousities
these mavens have spent a great deal of time on. If you can get one of these mavens to talk you up, you have a fad in the making.

Seems it would be fascinating to figure a way to start a fad of Bohm Dialogue groups, actually. I'd settle for that. But like Alexander Technique, they're kind of frustrating as well as delightful.

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