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Sunday, January 02, 2005

Timeless Time

I notice that it is when I'm "purposeless" that I often have the most creative intuitive flashes. It's when nothing counts that can often solve the purposeful problems I'm having to deal with at other times of my life, be they current concerns or ways of regarding my past experiences. So I've learned that intentionally making time to "suspend time" as a quite useful and enjoyable experience, aside from the value of doing it in the moment. A time when time is suspended, a timeless time.

I don't quite understand the inability of some people to "do nothing" for an extended period of time or an hour. In fact, I deliberately make about six months of the year to be my time for "doing as little as possible." Obviously, I'm really skilled at "doing nothing." Perhaps I should teach it as an art form; I'm sure other people have already written books about it extensively.
I imagine that people used to spend quite a lot more "timeless time" and that now everyone in my culture is going towards some important purpose ever faster.

Sometimes when I'm in a pessimistic mood I think that my culture's collective purpose of humanity expressed as "Manifest Destiny" is sort of like a rather large human pestilence on the earth. Gaia has to shake off humans from time to time in the form of some polar shift or eventual nuclear destruction.

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