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Tuesday, December 25, 2001

Here we go!

I thought I'd start this blog to have a place to put alot of what I've been writing for years, and to give myself a place to put it all as I keep writing. I hope someone gets something out of the benefit of my observations. Not sure that it's possible, but I've always hoped that I could bring some sort of insight to someone else's existence, just so they wouldn't have to slog through the ground that I've covered. I guess that's what every parent hopes for their kids, usually to no avail. I thought if I could make what I wrote enough of an experience, rather just a report of results, perhaps someone else could use it.

So - let me know.


  1. It's interesting on how you started off where I'm starting off. Well, at this particular moment in time because I guess there is really no start or finish but an on going journey of experience and hope and love and pain and everything that makes us who we are.
    I love what you said about our hopes as a parent and how we want to save our children from going through the muck we've already covered. We've done that and come through it shinier and wiser and we hope to pass that on to our kids and hope that they can start from THAT point in life and be ten steps further and happier than ourselves.
    What crap!!!! My daughter just turned 16 and to watch her run headstrong into the same mistakes I've made has been such a slap in the face. It makes me feel as if I've failed in what I've set out to do for my children.
    I used to think I would be wise enough to know it's all about the journey and they need to sail on the highs and pull themselves up from the lows to learn and grow and thrive, but knowing it in your head and knowing it in your heart are two entirely different things.
    How do you get it into your heart. How do you sit back and "allow" them.....themselves.
    Every step of growth leads to the realization of how much more there is to learn. Insight leads to questions!!!!!
    I'll read more. Even though we can't start our kids off from where we left off....maybe from one parent to another we can learn. Maybe it's different levels? Who knows.
    Hopefully your insight continues and I'll try not to virtually nag you!!! I swear you won't have to change your screen names or web address!!!

  2. Yes, hoping for certain results and the practical doing of it that actually brings about the hoped for results are often regretfully far apart, unfortunately.

    I was very lucky to have had some extremely wise parents who took these sorts of things to heart and practice for me...which came in handy in messing up some kids' life later on when I found myself in the parental role.

    Hey, check out this link - which has some really fascinating things to say about raising adults vrs. raising children. It's chapters of a free ebook titled: Ten things you should never say to kids...

  3. This is written on December 2, 2008.
    After slogging through current writings and rapidly going to this starting message.

    I get the idea! You reveal a thoughtful person but I am unable to summarize your personality by any archetype.

    I will return if ever I am bored and searching for stimulation here in my retirement home in San Miguel de Allende, GTO, Mexico.

  4. Perhaps people have no need to slog through your ground because they have chosen a different route, one that requires simpler thinking and less analysis (slog).